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The skim crepe is a by-product of centrifuging process.It is conomically used in several non critical applications.This rubber is fast curing.The manufacturer can thus save on expensive accelerator dosage


High technology dipped products(condoms,examination gloves,catheters etc)require a more pure form of concentrated latex.Usually this is achieved by a second stage of centrifuging.The Double centrifuged latex is of high quality and has good storage properties.Double centrifuged latex from Joseph Rubbers is used by major condom manufactures in india and abroad.

Typical Parameters of Double Centrifuged latex is given below.

Dry Rubber Content,wt %60.05
Total Solid Content,wt %60.55 – 61.05
Non Rubber Content,wt %0.50 – 1.00
Alkalinity – ammonia,wt %0.60 – 0.80
Volatile Fatty Acid0.01 – 0.020
KOH NO0.30 – 0.50
PH – Value10.50
Mechanical Stability,Sec.800 – 1200
Coagulam,wt %0.004
Sludge,wt %0.003
Chemical Stability (ZST),sec.160
Viscosity,cps60 – 70
Odour after neutralization with boric acidSweet


























Field latex is centrifuged to manufacture concentrated latex of 60 % rubber content.Joseph Rubbers is marketing High Ammonia(HA) and low ammonia(LATZ) preserved latex as per Customer requirement.

Joseph Rubbers is producing high quality Centrifuged latex of low non rubber content and low vfa according to the specific requirements of customers.Cenex of vfa 0.04 and nrc 1.4 is our normal product.

Typical Parameters of Centrifuged latex is given below.

Dry Rubber Content,wt %60.05
Total Solid Content,wt %61.32
Non Rubber Content,wt %1.27
Alkalinity – ammonia,wt %0.70
Volatile Fatty Acid0.03
KOH NO0.50
PH – Value10.50
Mechanical Stability,Sec.1000
Coagulam,wt %0.004
Sludge,wt %0.006
Chemical Stability (ZST),sec.140
Odour after neutralization with boric acidSweet



































Ribbed smoked sheet( RSS) is marketed based on visual assessment of quality.Grading of RSS is done based on the grade descriptions and specifications prescribed in the “The Green Book” framed by International Rubber Quality and Packing Conference.The grades we market are RSS 1 X,RSS 1,RSS 2,RSS 3,RSS 4 and RSS 5.
RSS 1 is specially made for coloured articles and sports goods.RSS 4 is used in tyres,RSS 5 in Rubber Mats,Chappals and bushes.




ISNR is processed natural rubber in block forms adopting cost-effective and modern processing methods as per the technical parameters laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) and also by Internation Standards Organization(ISO).In india block rubber is marketed with BIS specification. ISNR is marketed in six well defined grades with uniformity and consistency in quality to meet the requirements of global consumer.

Specifications of ISNR grades

Dirt Content %
Volatile Matter %0.800.800.800.80
Ash Content(Max)0.500.750.751.50
PRI (Min)60.0050.0040.0030.00














Our Counts

Our statistics of Total volume of latex, processing capacity of plant, number of staffs and percentage is mentioned below








Quality Control

Rubber is compounded in internal mixers, the quality is monitored round the clock by continuously testing samples for their physical properties and chemical characteristics. Every ingredient is checked and monitored regularly.

Rubber Processing

Different grades and types of rubber, both synthetic and natural, are processed in internal mixers. Mixing is done under controlled conditions and parameters to ensure homogeneity and quality of rubber compounds.

Laboratory Testing

The laboratory is equipped with computerised facilities to test the properties of rubber according to ASTM, BS, and other international standards. The laboratory plays a crucial role in implementing quality as well as developing new products. Test certificates are issued by the laboratory on request.